Phone Verification System

  • Choice of SMS or Call verification
  • Choice of verification strategy
  • Zero Template Changes
  • Simple Client Side Process
  • Easy Module Installation & Upgrades
  • Lifetime Free Updates & Upgrades
  • Choice of 3 API Providers
  • Full Installation Guide


one time fee!

Why Verify?

A recent in-house study showed that putting up a verification process will eliminate your fraud orders by more than 80%. Fraudsters will not go through the hassle of phone verification. This means more happy clients, and less chargebacks!

New Ideas

Our team of dedicated developers are always willing to add new ideas to our modules. If you have a great idea, open a support ticket and we will do our best to release it for you!

Seamless Integration

You no longer have to fiddle around and waste countless hours just to install a module. A detailed step-by-step guide is available, as well as our support desk if you have any questions!

Good News! Current introductory price will be changed soon, hurry up before it is too late to lock in your price forever!


Admin Side

  • Choose an API provider
  • Choose a verification strategy (read more)
  • Choose a verification method
  • View current unverified accounts
  • View current verified accounts
  • Search for accounts in the system
  • Verify accounts manually from admin panel
  • Unverify accounts manually from admin panel
  • Reset amount of verification attempts
  • Customize the SMS greeting/beginning message
  • Customize the SMS thankyou/ending message
  • Choose verification method: voice call or SMS
  • & more!
  • Client Side

  • Simple self service verification process
  • Two verification attempts per customer
  • Ability to self place the verification code
  • Proper error messages that guide and not mislead

  • Additional Help


  • Q: Will this module require old/current clients to verify their accounts?
  • A: No! This is the beauty of the module. It will not trouble your old/current clients! Only clients' who are new and place new orders will be verified.

  • Q: What if a potential customer signs up, but does not order a product or a service?
  • A: The system is smart, and will try to save you some money. It will send out a verification SMS, and guides the customer through the verification process only if they add a product and checkout when using the "PreCheckout" strategy!

  • Q: Is this module really purchasable for a one time fee? No recurring or hidden prices?
  • A: This is absolutely correct! A one time payment grants you a license key, which you can use on your WHMCS when you install the module - the one time payment also includes unlimited free updates and support! However, to be able to send out SMS or Phone Calls to verify your clients, you would need to top up an account at either Twilio, Clickatell or Nexmo (read below).

  • Q: Who are the SMS/Phone Call API providers?
  • A: You have a choice of either using Twilio, Clickatell, or Nexmo. These three API providers have been compared, including their cost, benefit, drawbacks and verification methods. Read more here.

  • Q: Will fraudsters be able to manipulate the system?
  • A: There is a maximum of 2 verification attempts per phone number, if the customer goes through two SMS deliveries, and still not verified his/her account - the system will lock the automatic verification process and ask him/her to open a ticket on your system. Also, previous numbers (duplicates) are not allowed to verify their accounts.

  • Q: Is the script encoded? Will you release an opensource version?
  • A: The script is encoded as we have to maintain the licensing integrity of the script. An opensource version is currently not a thing that we are considering.

  • Q: Can you add ...? Can you integrate more API providers?
  • A: Many of the features introduced in v2.0 and v3.0 have been requested by clients. You can do the same and request a feature you would like to see in the module! Additional API providers are always going to be added to the module, we are even considering creating a modular system to allow you to use your own API provider in the near future!

  • Support

    For all your support questions, or help requests, please open a ticket by clicking here and directing your request to our "Software Development" department.

    Alternatively, you can visit the Wiki to get help and read the setup guide and other useful documents, here.


    Download ZIP archive of MyRSK's PVS Module by visiting the download tab after you have clicked on view details button for your license here.

    Client Side Screenshots